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Strategy... with Sauce.

I'm Jasmine, Brand Strategist and Sourcing Specialist for the baddest & boldest boss ladies who want to make organized noise with a solid plan and a clear vision for their eCom brands. I'll act as your business's Chief Brand Officer, crafting an impeccable strategy that'll give your brand the sauce only you can have and set you up to win like you're destined to. You ready? ​


Strategy that makes your business personal

Branding Expert with over 7 years experience

Creative Direction & Sourcing Strategy for any product you sell! 

Services for every stage in building your brand, from brainstorming to completion!

me, in 10 seconds:

A woman’s woman’s woman. An overachieving yet late blooming old soul with a young spirit, ATL/Columbus residing, brand-building, part-time bad bitch beating depression and creating until my heart is content while occasionally blogging about it. What a run-on, lol!


But wait, there’s more. Click below if you have a few minutes.


it's time for a brand that stands out...just like you do.

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Need a Full Brand Strategy?

Let's get you Fully Laced ™ then! This is our flagship service meant for new or growing brands who are seeking a more all-inclusive branding solution. 

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Not just there yet?

Not a problem! If you're just starting out and seeking the essentials to grow your business with a plan and clarity, let's get you Laced-In-A-Page™! 

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Wanna pick my brain?

Need sourcing info? Packaging? Just seen a tweet from me and you'd like an in-depth chat?


powerful ways you can take your social presence out of this world

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