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Me, in 10 Minutes

If you're reading this, damn you are nosy. LOL!

My favorite part of most sites is knowing who's behind it. We all have a story, especially as bosses. Here's a piece of mine! 

So, Gorl About me...

I’m Jasmine. A brand strategist who does a lot.

I love peace, love, and fly shit.

I’m an absolute girls girl who’s also sick of a lot of ya’ll shit.

I am not for all women anymore, some of you are very dumb, lol.

I’m a creative. However you slice it. Through and through, multi-hyphenate, all that jazz. Remember this =)

There is no such thing as a "weird idea" with me. I'll remind you if you ever say it, too. 

If my confidence makes you uncomfortable, good.

If my confidence rubs off on you…GREAT.

My passions lie in music, fashion, beauty and business

I really am just trying to learn life and be better, with the hope of making my mom, myself and my loved ones proud. Kinda like you, ya know?


I enjoy traveling, shopping, cooking, eating, wellness and anything that can lead me to a longer and healthier life without the overkill...and keeping my hands busy with candle-making, wig-making and tea blending. Anything that allows me to learn or laugh? I’m game. I stay involved in something.


I don’t like bullies, pretentiousness, Pringles, overly assumptive people, or mustard greens. Like I really do NOT like mustard greens. 

More to come here though, so don't even trip! =)


What Got me HEre?

Girl, I was sick of playing myself short, that's what got me here.

Long story short, i'm the resident researcher. Creative. "Good Idea" girl. I spent an immense amount of time on everyone else's dreams that I finally decided to take on my own! Part of that involves taking my talent seriously as a strategist.

Everything I was doing for everyone 

There wasn't anyone like me, so I had to just…be that. Be a me.

I didn’t see any brand strategists in business that were doing what I knew I could do…so I did it.


I make good ideas great, and give you the plan to do so every single time for your brand.


Strategy involves plans. Strategy is the “how?” Factor. Strategy is the reason why…Strategy is me.


stop waiting to be who
you already are. 

-Melody Ehsani

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